Family History Pages

The link below will allow you to view my family tree.

Hopefully you will see the pages in the same format that the rest of the site is. But, I've only just got this piece of software. For those of you technically minded, it uses PHP and MySQL to produce the pages. It's called TNG (The Next Generation). It can be found by clicking here. It was a bit of a challenge to get it working, but don't let this put you off. I got it working in less than a day. Well worth every penny (especially with the current exchange rate against the dollar).

I had previously used PAF5 from LDS. But I could not get this to format the pages to fit my site design. I had to maually edit every page for it to work. With neary 70 pages it would take far too long. Also, I would have had to the edits every time I made an update.

Family Tree Maker is a great program, but it's difficult to produce your own web pages from it. You have to load them up to the Family Tree Maker site.

So I would suggest that if you want to have your own Family History, get Family Tree Maker (FTM) to maintain your tree on your own PC, and get TNG to put it on the web.

Click here for the Thompson Family Tree.