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(with a visit to Switzerland, Austria and Liechtenstein)

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Welcome to my website

All pages can be accessed from the menu buttons on the banner above.
The photographs are of recent holidays.
There is an extensive section of Classic FM and this contains details of all the CD's that have been given away with the magazine.
Also included are scans of the magazine and CD covers. I have also listed all the tracks that are on the CD's.

Classic FM also do a countdown of music played on the radio station. They call this "The Hall of Fame".
You will find details of all the "Hall of Fames" from the previous years as well as the current year.
This is more accurate than the stats provided by Classic FM. I quite often find errors in their table from one year to the next.

Finding out about my family history also means that there is a section for this. Loads of info about past generations can be found here.
As a result of loading up lots of documents, I have had to remove the photos of aircraft I have taken.
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